Wednesday, February 3, 2016

System Over View

Hello ,I know we all hate a long speech..but it is very important you read all of this.

Thank you for taking the time to review the blog, I will explain the system in full detail here and post any needed updates.
Pure Baby Love is a RP tool for second life maternity with many options.
Why did I call it a RP tool ?
Well lets start with the  fact  Second Life dose not have flags for maternity. This means there is no systems built into second life for avatars to reproduce.For those that do not understand "Flag" think of it like this, there is a flag to make your avatar fly meaning when you press the "F" key the system auto lets your avatar fly.
If a sim owner dose not want you to fly they remove the flag (checking the box to restrict flying).
No script can make your belly grow, a fact you will have to get over.For those that say "what about using a RLV command" nope the stomach slider is not controlled via RLV and even if it was not every one uses 3rd party viewers and to expect people to is asking way to much.
Trust me when I say there is no way for this to happen as of the moment in Second Life  so lets just accept the facts this is Second Life not Magic Land.
By default avatars have no genitals there for there is no over looked settings for maternity.
If there was we all would have added this to the systems years ago.I am the original designer of Mommy Inc and been around for 10 years selling in these markets . I would be the first to add such options if it was possible.
 Now we have that out in the open lets talk about the Pure system.
The system dose include a conception system, but there are limits.
What happens is when in sex mod the system tracks both avatars pelvis positions and checks for avatar genders.The SL system allows scripting to determine the gender of the avatar via the shape settings.So what I have built is a system that tracks the avatars gender,pelvis distance,pelvis alignment and movement.

When you are the correct genders and in a reasonable alignment the text over the HUD will appear  green and red when the gender or distance is off.
This allows system  to be useful with all genitals.Here are the facts, I have done deals with big and small genital makers over the years and they all have a heavy add on script you must add to your system to be useful with their genital.If we make thing script heavy we limit our fun and we lag out others.
Many sims will not allow you to enter if you are script heavy and most have a script scale at the landing point to kick script heavy users.Once again this is Second Life not Magic Land I always say this when people expect to much out of the grid.It is a mix of tech old and new and far from perfect but do not confuse that statement with being negative I love Second life and happy it's here for our enjoyment .
My number one goal is to make things that are lite on the script memory but have lots of options.I do this with many years of trail and error and have found just about every way to go wrong you can think of.


The first thing you want to do when using my system is do the 1 threw 6 steps, Do this in order 1,2,3,4,5,6 skipping around only hurts you and will only lead to a failing birth.

The system ask you quest like your race,body type,baby amount,baby genders,length of maternity cycle and use of conception system or not.

I design this system in  a way that allows you to design your own maternity role play and not restricted  you  .
You can choose the baby amount,gender and maternity length .We all do not play 7 days a week hours and hours each day so to be fair to every one the system dose not let you set due dates only day amounts from 28 days to 9 months.
I find many miss their due dates and things come up or relationships of sour.So set dates seems to be not very reliable.
The system only ticks off days when you log in and if its been over 24 hours.
This means if you set it for 28 days and only log in once a week you will only tick off one of the 28 days per week.
If you log in 7 days a week the system will tick off 7 days counting down to 1 on that day you will be able to enter labor.
I offer a free birthing pool and birthing table ,both animated for mothers,fathers and DR/Midwifes.
My system also works with any other animated labor tables,Tubs.
Pure has a contraction count down system and a Push system featuring a crowning baby with after birth effects that pushes out of your avatar body as you work down the contraction counts.


Pure Offers a Animated Yoga System!
Do yoga with a partner and friend, Pure lets you have a 2nd avatar  do yoga with you and fully animates both your avatars with built in yoga pose system.
Walking, you can add a friend or partner to  follow, your avatar will follow them and count steps.There is no set amount you need to step, but the system is always logging and  lack of exorcise will reflect on your health.Bad health can effect your birth and add negative consequences on labor day.Pure has so much math behind it you could find your self having a pre major  or extended labor.
Blood pressure,sugar are tracked by the foods you eat from the HUD and how much you exorcise.
Baby health is a direct  reflection of mental and physical health.
Just like in the real world mothers need to watch what they eat and  exorcise .I have designed the yoga system after the same poses real world doctors recommend.

The HUD offers full meal and snack, all can be shared with a friend as they are copy,transfer but never try to resell these or use them in other systems.This will lead to me contacting LL and having them removed and a bad mark on your account.


Add up to 10 people as family members and you can add a DR/midwifes the system will allow you to page them or see if they are online.On your day of birth the system will notice all your family of your birth and if they miss it it will also send a after labor notice.

Sense when do fetus talk?
I wanted to make a system that was outside the box, Pure dose not offer the normal chatting babies or click to interact.

The fact you have family listed is for the mental health system only.In  the real world loner mothers tend to suffer depression and can make them selves victim of postpartum depression. Social moms are found to be more  mentally stable, having loved ones around during maternity is just good for every one and Pure system rates your mental health as part of the babies health. Exorcise with partners or family will boost your mental health numbers.You can add up to 10 people and even title them custom , Uncle Tod,Crazy Aunty Ziff...The system works off drop text boxes so all you have to do is type in a fun family title and simply press send.

To add partners,yoga partners,sex partners,family and doctors you only have to push a button and a glowing ball will be over your head.They touch the ball and it remove it self and set them to what ever setting you desired.This means no /54854 bla bla stuff.Also it means the people added in your HUD choose to be added and not just forced into it.


I have a tag system in pure that lets you displaysome information over your head.You can Set any title you like "Super Mom" or what ever "Grumpy mom".Color and adjust left ,right,up,down for the perfect fit to any mesh body .

Pure offers many options and easy to use system.New born babies are included and sent after labor.
The have great detail and include a hold pose,click to make sounds and are wrapped in a blanket.
Their skin ton is the same as their mother and for fun I included neko and vampire.They come in male and female and are very cute.We only make a maternity system and simple new born hold babies.If you like a more advanced baby they sell many on market place.

So lets go over all that is included so you understand  what you are buying.

Pure System Includes.
Free Birthing Pool
Free Birthing Table
Full Animated Labor
Free Full Meals(animated)
Free Snacks(animated)
Animated Yoga system
Follow Me Walking System
Full Labor system
New Born Baby's In Multi Skin Tones.Human, Neko And Vampire Breeds.
Full Mental,Physical and Baby Health System.
Tag System (With Custom tag and color settings)
Body Prim
(Mesh fetus with re size for large and small avatars)
Conception system
Family system (add up to 10 member with custom titles)
DR system (Add A DR or Midwife with pager system)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.